November 8, 2020

Best Places to Leave Your Business Cards In

By Murathan Biliktü

Many business owners think of business cards and online marketing as two opposites when it comes to marketing their business. But this is a misconception, as both of these marketing methods coexist. Online methods are even making accessing business cards easier for businesses. So, if you don’t have enough business cards laying around, you should definitely get them made for your business.

For the best results, you should make business cards out of metal. You can even get free metal card samples to see how they look and work for your business before actually ordering them in bulk.

Free Metal Card Samples

Here are some of the best places to leave your business cards in.

Your Previous Clients

Peolle who are already buying from your business are the perfect ambassadors of your business. You can’t control the word of mouth marketing, but you can increase its effectiveness.

For this, you can track back the clients who keep sending referrals to you. You can then give some extra business cards to these customers. This way, they will give the extra cards to their friends and family members, and you will get extra business without much hassle.

Food Courts

If you think that targeting customers outside your major customer segment is difficult, you can use places like malls and food courts to distribute your business cards as these places attract diverse crowds. This is a good way of finding a secondary market for your business.

In Relevant Books

After checking out at all the major local networking events, you can start placing your business cards in relevant books and journals. This is a nice way of providing your contact information directly to the person interested in using your services. There are lots of other methods as well which you can use to promote your business using business cards.